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Laura C

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    After a couple of years of looking through other people's reviews and checking out med spas' specials, I finally decided to treat myself to a flatter tummy and remove that unwanted bra fat. Even at my slimmest, I always felt insecure wearing fitted tops. A few weeks ago I received a consultation where the CoolSculpting representative explained the procedure. Procedure day was so much easier than expected. I was super excited. It felt a bit intense for a few brief minutes after the applicator was applied as the ice was doing its magic on my bra fat area, but soon after the "pain" went away and I didn't feel anything. Angela was super nice and made sure I had everything I needed, including movies to watch or something to read. I was content with my smart phone for entertainment. After the applicator was removed from the treated area, she massaged the area and let me use the restroom as she set up to do my other side. My treated side felt a bit sore but it only lasted minutes. For the days to come, I experienced tenderness, soreness, and a bit of swelling. I was told this was completely normal. They followed up with a phone call about how I was feeling after 2 days. I am writing this review 4 weeks after my initial application and feel totally fine. My husband and myself have noticed that I no longer have any bra fat. Unbelievable!!! My follow-up appointment will be in another week where after pictures and after measurements will be taken. I am very hopeful and excited to see visual BEFORE and AFTER results. I highly recommend CoolSculpting to anyone that may have a bit of stubborn fat they cannot get rid of!! The staff is amazing at RGV Rejuvenate. I will be returning for an all-natural chemical peel. They use amazing skin care products from PCA. I've read up on this professional skin care line and look forward to treating myself to a glowing look I completely deserve! This place will continue to be my go to place for Beauty and Body treatments!
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Location of RGV Rejuvenate - Face and Body SPA
Location of RGV Rejuvenate - Face and Body SPA
Location of RGV Rejuvenate - Face and Body SPA